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Sound Artist (Contract)

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Welcome to World to Build! 👋
World to Build is an online social platform where players can come together to build and code awesome games, trade in an interactive market, meet new friends, design their own 3D avatar, and much more! We are a startup company located in Wake County, North Carolina and are looking for team members that are as excited as we are about developing a gaming platform where the creation possibilities are endless. Want to join what we're creating?
This position is contract work for a sound artist to create an extensive sound library for World to Build. World to Build is a sandbox game that allows players to make their own experiences, because of this we want to provide our developers with a library of sounds that they can use on their own accord. Think oddball sounds like lasers and "poof!" that can be used in any manner of way by creative users. In addition to the creation of a sound library for developers, World to Build needs interaction sounds for the player character (footsteps, jumps, collisions) and the UI (clicks, beeps, "bing! (success!)", etc). As a heads up, we're not looking for any music at the moment.

This position expects experience with creating high-quality foley audio and digital sound creation. You will not need to implement any of your sound files into the game yourself. If this position sounds like something you fit and would enjoy doing, let's talk!

As a very small development team on a shoestring budget, we don't have the luxury of paying contractors the industry standard for their valuable work. If you have an interest in showing off your work to the world through our platform and understand the nuances of a fresh company (and game company), you can apply here and we will discuss the application process and compensation.
This position is a contract Sound Artist (Contract) position. Applicants will work from home (remotely) in this position.
You Will:
  • Create player character interaction sounds such as footsteps and collision sounds
  • Create sounds for various UI interactions
  • Contribute to an extensive sound library that World to Build users can access and add to their games
  • Be working with a small team
  • You Have:
  • 18 years experience or more in living
  • Demonstrated experience creating audio for (professional/personal) project(s)
  • Appropriate equipment for recording and creating audio without background noise, artifacts, etc
  • Bonus Points:
  • You have an interest in making more audio in the future or have an interest in making music for World to Build in the future
  • Applicants may apply via the form below or send a cover letter and resume to 📬.
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