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Who We Are

About Us

World to Build is an online voxel-based sandbox game where players can create worlds and designs in a 3D environment, create their own personal avatar, learn script-based programming, make friends, and build their wealth with an interactive online economy.

Build and Code

Create whatever comes to mind in our world builder! In addition to building tools, we provide players with the ability to place scripts in their worlds to bring them to life. Code using our built in script editor, or choose you own!

... and many more!

Create Sharable Designs

With our custom voxel-editor, players can create personal designs that they can share with others. Sharable designs can be dropped and resized in our world builder to make worlds even better and vibrant!

Make Friends

Over 6,000 players have signed up for our alpha testing. Of those 6,000 players, over 2,400 made new friends.

Build Your Wealth

Earn in-game currency from other players buying your voxel designs and playing your worlds. Buy, sell and trade collectible Marketplace items with other players.

Meet Our Team

Our tight-knit team of developers are located in all parts of the United States, and our company is 100% remote. Our goal is simple: Create an interactive game where players can collaborate, make friends, and break the ceiling of 3D building, all while staying 100% community focused (it's been our committment from day one).


Lead Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Sound Artist,
Musical Genius


3D Animator,
Movement Aficionado


Community Manager


Community Manager

Come Join Us

We pride ourselves on hiring some of the best collaborative minds we can find in the gaming industry, and our team is comprised of a small group of individuals with a drive to create. We hire creative, passionate and hard working people that are looking to create the next big online sandbox platform, and we are just getting started. Want to join our team?