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Community Engineer

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About Our Company

World to Build is an online voxel-based sandbox game where players can create worlds and designs in a 3D environment, create their own personal avatar, learn script-based programming, make friends, and build their wealth with an interactive online economy.

We are a startup company located in Wake County, North Carolina and are looking for team members that are as excited as we are about creating the next big sandbox game.

Our tight-knit team of developers are located in all parts of the United States, and our company is 100% remote. Our goal is simple: Create an interactive game where players can collaborate, make friends, and break the ceiling of 3D building, all while staying 100% community focused (it's been our commitment from day one).

Position Details

Role Name: Community Engineer

Type: Part Time/Remote

Department: Community


Community Engineers create worlds on World to Build for others to play, occasionally choosing to work alongside other Community Engineers or Community Builders! Community Engineers specialize in scripting through Lua (World to Build’s scripting language) to create interactive worlds for others to play! Engineers need to have a basic ability to place blocks and voxel designs in their worlds to make a complete world, since scripting alone will not allow you to use the full extent of World to Build. All users receive 1 Qbit whenever someone plays their world, while Community Partners (including Community Engineers, a type of Partner) are awarded 2 Qbits for each visit. All Community Partners (including Community Engineers, a type of Partner) are awarded with complimentary Super Mega Membership and a Parter cape. This is a community position, therefore there is no age requirement.


  • Create 1 playable world every 2 weeks (anything from a small obby to a world with multiple minigames!)
  • Requirements

  • No ban history associated with your account
  • Good to Have

  • Previous experience in programming with user-accessible mod tools (Minecraft, etc), or Lua scripting (Roblox, Garry’s Mod, etc)
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